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Monday, June 3, 2019

BABI BEAR 15 PCs Makeup Brushes Set - A great addition to any cosmetic set

Round Brush
Fan Brush
Foundation Brush
Angled Foundation Brush
Contour Brush
Blusher brush
Concealer Brush
Precision Concealer brush
Bronzing Brush
Eye shadow Brush
Blending Brush
Flat Angled Eyebrow Brush
Angled Eyebrow Brush
Eye shadow Brush
Lip Brush

Makeup Sponge - The makeup sponge allows you to apply liquid and cream foundations flawlessly, giving your skin a poreless, airbrushed appearance.

Makeup Brush Cleaner - Two fingers in opening to hold the brush cleaner easily. The tiny granules are used for cleaning small brushes and the stripes are designed for bigger makeup brushes.

Waterproof Makeup Bag - High quality waterproof makeup pouch is designed for protecting, storing all brushes.

I personally wont be using the makeup bag. I prefer something a bit more cute I think I have a unicorn one in my closet I can store the brushes in.

Or if you don't plan to take the brushes with you when you travel then you can always use small cute cups and organize the cups by color or height. I personally also plan to use these at my desk in my master bedroom I have some small heart shaped baskets with handles from valentines day this year that are just sitting around I can use them to store these as well.

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #Sponsored #CosmeticBrushSet #Cosmetic #Makeup #MakeupBrushSet  
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Sunday, May 26, 2019

GCIYAEN New Fashion Straight Brown Root to Grey Ombre Synthetic Wig : Review

Back View Of Wig!
When it comes to buying wigs I normally wait till Halloween and a few days after that I get them for a steal but when you buy them kind of wigs there not to good for quality.

I have recently purchased a wig from amazon for review. The wig is longer then shoulder length and the hair is a ombre color.

Straight Brown Root to Grey Ombre Synthetic Wig is what the style of wig it was that I ordered.

I have never ordered a wig from off the internet before so this was kind of different for me. What was nice is it also came with a wig cap. I really loved the fact that the bag the wig came in was a longer thinner bag.

When you buy a Halloween wig from in the store you normally get a wig all knotted up and squashed in a much smaller bag then what the wig can handle.
This wig was stretched out nice and long I didn't expect it to be this long really.

But I liked the act that it is. this is a link to the actual product that I purchased.

One of the main reasons why I decided to ask to do this review is because I have always had a thing for styling and updating my hair in different fun ways but never had the time or money to go to a salon to get my hair done professionally. So getting a few different wigs would be the next best option to get the different thing done t my hair I could not get done myself.

I plant to get a few more in different colors and styles.
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Monday, April 29, 2019

Big Ant Sunshade Review

Today I have received my "Big Ant" UNIVERSAL CAR SUNSHADE fit for SUV, Trucks, Vans & Cars

Double Bubble Silver Coated - Keep From 99% UV Ray Damage "I personally like the blue side of the shade" I also liked that it came with 2 screen shades for the backseats as well. With summer coming this will help keep the van I'm buying cooler. I also like that the stretchy flat cording was attached to the sunshade to help hold its shape and keep it flat.

So far so good just waiting till the rain stops so I can go fit it in the van.

I also liked that it came with the suction cups for the windshield as well as for each of the little twist and fold style back window shades. 

 To the left is a short few second clip of the sunshade hanging on my bedroom wall opened and held into place by 2 pushpins. Pushpins were put in the same holes as the suction cups go into so there was no damage too the sunshade while hanging it.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Decluttering My Master Bedroom! What a Day Today Will Be.

Decluttering my master bedroom today and boy what a day it will turn out to be. Hopefully!

In the last few days I have been trying to remove stuff from my master bedroom and so far I have taken out a few bins full of stuff.

 I think I filled this thing full about 8 times of stuff that was nothing but garbage when I took it from my bedroom to the dumpster. Mostly pop can and bottles and a few bags of cut of shorts that where worn out and no longer any good. This thing is lighter then my trash can so it was just easier to carry this out.

My next goal was to go through the clothing and sort what I wanted to keep and what I thought was no longer any good. I tossed what was no longer good and kept the good stuff and then sorted the good that I was going to keep in the closet from what was good that I was putting away for other occasions.

I have a bunch of stuff to go through still but I am doing little by little slow but sure.

I know there is still a big mess but for someone that is a hoarder and not used to leaning this is the best I can do for now. I am working on it today for most of the day. I'm going through the rest of the clothing in the master bedroom where I sleep and then I'm going to pile it up like I was yesterday and toss some keep some and then sort the keep into to piles what will stay in the room and what will be put in the spare room for other occasions.

I know I have enough hangers to hang all my clothes in my closet. Plus I have a round hanging organizer as well as a straight hanging organizer as well. Both of which are still good and able to be used.

Plus I have (6) of the bins pictured above (2) Blue from picture and (2) Pink and (2) Green kind of a lime green almost neon.

Which I can stack in the room as shelves.

So far so good!

I know my plan is all over the place for now but once I get it all done it will be easier to keep clean. And organized.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Beory Women's XXXL Sized Bicycling Jersey Review

Its hard being a plus sized man or woman some of the times its hard to find decent clothing. Like fitness clothing for example is hard to find since when we are bigger we have more to hide or to control. So clothing needs to be bigger and still stylish as as well as comfortable. Personally when working out I like tighter shirts on my arms and around my chest area to hold things into place.

And when I found this Bicycling Jersey that was needing to be reviewed I jumped at the chance to review it since I knew I would need something thin and snug for the summer. But finding things like that in my size are a bit hard to do. So when I found this up to size XXXL I know I wanted to get a jersey.

And just because its a bicycling Jersey doesn't mean you cant' wear it while jogging or running or even just out fora morning walk.

The main reason why I purchased this was do to the size I first looked at the pictured and the colors and short sleeve and long sleeve and then thought.Nope wont work its not going to be in my size. And then I clicked on the drop down size button and found it in my size of XXXL and I was like "Oh! hell yeah I'm going to get me one of those."

And then next thing I knew I had it in the mail and ready to  try it on.

I do like how tight it is in the arms since my arms are big and I'm not talking about big with muscles I mean just big. Stuff gets in the way a lot even when just playing outside like volleyball in the summer just hitting the ball and moving around is hard. But with these tight sleeves that's a plus if you have big arms. Plus the tightness of the Jersey in the chest area is good also for bigger busted women who need a little extra help.

This is a good walking jacket or bicycling jacket or even a jogging or running jacket. There's large back pockets behind you on the jacket and then above the pocket material there is a reflective strip. #Tomoson #Sponsored #Beory

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Favorite Magazine site I Use to Get Free Magazines And Ebooks!

I receive free mail order magazines in the mail often do to completing online surveys and getting physical magazines as rewards. Some of these sites I use to sign up for free physical magazines also gives me digital magazines and they also offer me digital ebooks from major magazine company's for free also.

Today I received a free digital ebook in my email the ebook email said "Our Best Diabetic Snack Guide - From the experts at Diabetic Living, Our Best Diabetic Snack Guide includes dozens of easy and delicious snack ideas to get you through the day."

The ebook is free for me to download. I normally get a few ebook emails like this a week.

I also get emails telling me which physical and digital magazines are currently available from there site.

The image on the top is a screen-capture from my email just to show you how they ebook front cover looks.

And if your interested in trying to get some free digital and physical reading material just don't hesitate to sign up for the sites email list and also don't forget to check out there facebook page also.

By signing up for there email list and by checking there facebook page randomly you can get informed about there current physical and digital magazines as well as get digital ebooks from some really good magazine company's.

I hope you enjoy the site I will comment back with the list of magazine based ebooks I have received for free by email in the last few months from the help of this site.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Decluttering My DVD Collection!

First of all I want to start from the beginning with telling you a bit about my DVD collection.

I normally don't buy DVD's from off the internet I normally buy them in-store and I normally prefer to purchase them used from the goodwill in my area. I have purchased brand new DVD's for a few dollar to a few cents.

When my local goodwill is having there team members big sale every few months I try to find good price good quality DVDs. I can sometimes find DVD's for under a $1.00 that are still brand new factory sealed.

Most of the time there fitness DVD's that are brand new and never opened. Example I have a (4) DVD set of Power Pilates Piloxing Hosted By Creator Viveca Jensen, Stress Relief, Awesome Abs, And Perfect Posture. The case said $6.99 but the outside sleeve said $1.99. I think I paid $0.99 cents under $1.00.

I have several other DVDs as well mostly Fitness and Exercise DVD's that I am also going to go through. I am planing to rip the video from the disc so that way I don't have to worry about the DVD's getting broken or scratched and I am planning on storing all the fitness and exercise videos on (1) flash drive.

The Free DVD ripper program I use on my Windows 10 Laptop is called "Wonderfox DVD Ripper Speedy" I have the free version and I don't tinker with the setting from the time I downloaded it.

I leave everything alone and it works great for what I need it to do.

There is a option to upgrade but I leave mine alone and have not had any problem with it. I have noticed though it normally marks the longest video as the main videos but with fitness DVDs there is sometimes warm ups or stretches and there also on the video or seated versions sometimes.

So what I do is mark all videos to be ripped that are over 5 minutes and I open each video once done to make sure there not just advertisements or recommendations and such.

But so far so good.

I ripped a few DVDs I even have a few Jillian DVDs the woman from the biggest loser and actual biggest loser workout DVDs. A list of my DVDs I ripped is below.

(1) The Biggest Loser The Workout - Power Sculpt 6 - Week Program For Maximum Weight Loss
(2) Weight Watcher - Yoga Starter Kit
(3) Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30
 (4) Power Pilates By Viveca Jensen Piloxing, Stress relief, Awesome Abs, And Perfect Posture

Still working on getting the rest of my DVDs together. I will edit the post when I add more DVD videos to the flash drive.

Plus I also buy DVDs from the local dollar tree store as well mostly fitness DVDs during the summer.
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BABI BEAR 15 PCs Makeup Brushes Set - A great addition to any cosmetic set

Round Brush Fan Brush Foundation Brush Angled Foundation Brush Contour Brush Blusher brush Concealer Brush Precision Concealer...

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